first place!

I believe The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight may have just shot into first place in the arts category on the Guinness site, with just under 500 votes now. o.o

In the meantime, the Swan River Press project thinks it’s going to catch up to me, but I will generously allow him a second place, er, placement. :)

I have gotten my inbox down to under 80 emails, nearly every one of which is work-related. I’m not kidding myself: the new Gmail tabs have helped with this, as there are another 40 messages or so in the other tabs, but still, this time last week I had 1500 emails and now I have 120.

The oldest one I answered was from January. 2012. Wince.

On the repeated advice of a friend, I got a copy of this organizational book, GETTING THINGS DONE, which I’ve started reading. I’ve got a terrible urge to liveblog-commentary it as I read, which is probably born from the opening bits being (sensibly) about how to make good lists, a thing which I already do. (There’s a reason my to-do lists say “do laundry. fold laundry. put laundry away.”) But the real reason it was recommended for was its approach to letting go, mentally, of the things you’re *not* doing, and I could use some help in that department.

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