I went to a movie–Mona Lisa Smile–instead of yoga. It was a good movie. Maybe even a little better than I expected. It didn’t do much for my general feeling of blahness, but I didn’t expect yoga would either, so that’s not really much of a loss.

It’s a blah day. I redesigned my website in one of those “maybe this will cause me to wake up thin” sorts of things, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to work. It hasn’t in the past, anyway, and I don’t think I’ve gotten the web design that’s So Cool It Will Make Me Thin with this design, either. It’s like the Magic Pen That Will Make My Handwriting Perfect. No matter how many I buy, I still haven’t found that pen yet. Not even the incredibly awesome glass pen Sarah bought me is that pen. So I suspect this is not that web design, either.

I’ve been sort of thinking about starting up LYFA again, but … eh. I don’t know if people would use it, and I don’t know if it’s sufficient motivation. I need local friends who go to a gym. Although, you know, if I’m going down that path, having *local friends* would be a good start. (No offense, Jai!)

Possibly I should shut up now before I get morose.

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  1. I like LYFA, but have a hard time remembering to check bboards regularly.

    Hey, I’m down 6 lbs since 3 January.

  2. yoga almost always cures, me, your sister, out of blahness. :)
    how do you like the class?

  3. It’s an okay class. And if it were an exercise class, it would probably cure me out of blahness. But it’s not an exercise class, it’s just a stretching class. I mean, I, who breaks a sweat at the slightest provocation, did not break a sweat in that class, which.. yeah. Stretching class, not exercise. I do /need/ to do stretching, so it’s good for me, but it’s not blah-curing exercise.

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