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I stayed very busy today, and yet managed to not actually do the one thing I really should have, which is the grant. I am intimidated by the grant. There’s no reason to be, particularly since Dad’s done most of the heavy lifting on it. But it intimidates me anyway, and so I did ALL KINDS of other work in order to avoid the grant. I cleaned the kitchen, walked 7 miles, played CoH for 10 minutes, answered/wrote a number of Chance emails, uploaded things, downloaded things, cleaned nearly 400 emails out of my email box, filtered a bunch more email (gmail’s #1 flaw is that it doesn’t actually allow you to create new directories for email) did a quick ruthless edit on a high school friend’s work project, and…ok, it seems like I did more than that, but I guess that was all.

Totally off the topic: I got my hair cut last week. Ian, the hairdresser, asked three times if I was *sure* didn’t want to dye it again. Yes, I said each time, and the last time I said, “I thought I’d see what my real hair color was,” and he said, “Oh, no. No. Come back to us, Cate. You’re too young to let your hair be its natural color. Come back to us!”

Now I’m all the more determined to investigate the real color. :) Actually, except for the red-dyed bangs, it really is the natural color, which I don’t think is nearly as dreadful as yer man Ian thought. There’s some white in there, sure, and there’re a couple of ten or twelve strand gatherings of white at my temples, which could get quite old-school Rogueish if they should continue on, so I’m rather eager to leave them alone for a while! :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 448.3

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