Very good swim tonight. I did 3K, and the guy in the lane with me was EXACTLY my speed, and we did a 500 together, neck and neck, both of us working our asses off to not let the other one get ahead; afterwards he said, “Boy, I hope you were working as hard in that as I was,” and I assured him I was. *laugh* Sadly, I didn’t /time/ that one, but I suspect it was closer to 8 than 9 minutes, because I was swimming a lot harder than I have been. :)

Then I was standing around talking with the guy and with Bethany who was 1. in the lane next to the guy, and 2. the woman who was so impressed with my 2500 yards a couple of weeks ago, and Bethany, who is very gregarious, interrupted the woman in the lane on the other side of me, because she knew the woman, whose name proved to be something like Melinda, was a coach for one of the Masters’ teams, and she talked for a minute and then said, “What’re you guys, done? Just standing around talking?” And we said, “Yeah,” and she said, “Okay, 12 25s on 30, let’s go!”

Only the guy in the lane with me didn’t know what that meant, and since he’d never done 25s before, she said, “Let’s do them on 40 instead, then,” and we did. *laugh* So I ended up doing 3300 yards because, well, this lady told me to! And it was really a great deal of fun. Bethany swims at UAA on Monday night, and the guy (I didn’t get his name) lives around the corner from UAA, and Melinda didn’t say when exactly she swam, but they all seemed interested in possibly working out together, and I said I was trying to be there MWF, so hopefully I’ll see at least one of them on Wednesday!

Wow! God! That was really great! Melinda said she likes finishing on 25s because it makes her feel like a hero. :) “Hey! I’m fast! Hey! I’m not winded! Hey! I’m cool!” Swimming _with_ a group is SO much better than swimming alone!

However, even swimming on my own (with the exception of that 500) I did what I consider an optimum swim: 3000 yards in 60 minutes, with about… 10 minutes of rest time in there. So yeah, it was a good swim. Chipper me!

I do have to give Dr. Woody a call tomorrow and see if he can do something about my shoulder, because swimming’s aggrevating it, and that’s, well, an aggrevation. Still, I’d rather swim and hurt than not. The win is much bigger than the loss.

Ok, I’ll try to stop babbling about swimming now. :)


  1. kit

    Oh. *laugh* It means you do 25 yards (1 length of the pool) on thirty seconds, so every thirty seconds you’re doing 25 yards and the faster you get to the other end, the more time you have to rest. Of course, the faster you get to the other end, the *tireder* you are, too, so you have to be careful. :)

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