Sent a submission off to Fantasy Flight Games to see if they want to hire me to write a novel or some novels for one of their gaming world lines. That would be cool.

That’s about the only interesting thing today. :)

4 thoughts on “fwing!

  1. Heh.

    That Fantasy Flight place is literally a stone’s throw away from my front door. Am considering going over and knocking on their door. :P

  2. Fantasy Flight Games makes pretty darn cool games, but they charge WAY too much for what the games are. We’ve got several of theirs among our collection of 80 or 90 or however many board games we’ve got now (sheesh!), and it never fails- Kevin and I look at one of their new games, we guess what a reasonable retail price for it would be, and the cost is often around 50% higher than that. Oof.

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