Let’s see. Today I finished Stella’s site, which pleases me greatly. This weekend I need to do Writer’s Weekend site stuff, too. I also, let’s see. We went and got comics, and it’s a damned shame Larocca isn’t drawing X-Treme, because the Big Reveal in this issue was pretty darned good even with Igor what’s his face’s god-awful pencils, and it would’ve been just fantastic with Larocca’s pencils. Oh well.

We also went and saw, um. Jersey Girl! It was really good! J.Lo and Ben and Liv all *acted*, for once, and Liv Tyler looked … round. Not fat. In fact, on the slender side of normal. But really *not* skinny. She had real boobs, and a little tummy, and wore a lot of costumes that emphasized her hips and her boobs, but not in a dance club sexy kind of way. I normally thinks of her face as being quite long and slender, but she was practically chubby-cheeked. It was quite wonderful! And the little girl was wonderful too. I may go see it again. :)

Stopped by Title Wave, where they’d gone through about half the books/dvds/etc that we’d brought over. The DVDs were a jackpot and we’d gotten like $110 in general credit from them, so rock on. And they thought they’d taken about half of the other stuff that they’d gone through so far, so that’s pretty good. The first time we did a Great Purge they took like 90% of it, but that was a whooooole lot of unusual stuff that didn’t normally go through there, so if we manage 50% that’ll be good. :)

Let’s see, what else? I finished Mister Monday, which I think is easily my favorite of the Garth Nix books I’ve read so far (I must get the rest of the week!), and read Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, which played out in some ways like I expected it to, but which was overall pretty satisfying. And then I watched an episode of Highlander, and ONCE MORE, I’m ALL WORN OUT. :)


  1. Only Monday and Tuesday are out so far, and sadly I didn’t like Tuesday nearly as much as Monday. (I know, that’s just plain wrong!) But it still wasn’t bad, and there are five more that can be good, so.

  2. Aw! That really *is* too bad, because Monday was really wonderful. Well, perhaps the rest of the week will improve!

    (I got *very* confused when I read this comment the first time. *laugh*)

  3. Tuesday’s still a good read. Monday was nice and consistant, Tuesday has some very good parts and some less so. It just feels a little more uneven. As to the rest of the week, it may be a while. Tuesday just came out.

    FWIW, if you get the chance to see him in person, Garth Nix is a fun speaker and did a good job reading a passage from Tuesday when I saw him a few weeks ago.

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