This is the time of year where it gets a lot harder to convince myself to go outside and walk, what with it being not quite thirty degrees out and the prospects of greater warmth being very slim.

I’m back on the XP box, only without the scanner plugged in. It appears to be working perfectly now. *sigh*

Um. If I have anything else to say, I can’t think of it.


  1. Laura

    I know the feeling. Think of it this way though– walking outside is good both for your weight loss plans AND your mental state…you’re far less likely to have any seasonal depression if you get outside in the sun a little bit every day.

  2. I’m not so much suffering from SAD as I’m suffering from ARGH. As in, ARGH, I want to maim job-things. ARGH.

    But yes, you’re no doubt right, it’s no doubt good for me. I said gloomily.

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