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We went forth and got some reinforced plastic container-gardening bags, and yesterday Young Indiana and I filled two of them with seed potatoes and compost. The plastic is strong enough that the bags will hold their shape even if violated, so I did two layers of potatoes by way of cutting holes around the middle of the bags. I’m given to understand that root vegetables will grow toward the light if it’s made available, so we’ll see if that works. At least I’ve tried.

We’ve got carrots and lettuce and tomatoes to sow, too, although with the tomatoes I’ll probably at least try to grow them from seeds to seedlings. Today we sowed several rows of herbs and planted five rather pathetic-looking strawberry plants, all of which have gone into the mini-greenhouse that I need to jury-rig some kind of improved cover for, because the cover is too snug and the plastic is old enough that every time I try tugging it into place it tears somewhere. Perhaps a couple of big transparent garbage bags. :)

I’m disproportionately pleased at even trying to grow stuff. I really don’t know why, except there apparently really is a heavily hippie-dippie part of my brain. “Maybe it’s your farming roots showing through,” Mom said. “Both your grandfathers were farmers. For generations back.” :)

If I manage to persist and not just kill everything through neglect, maybe in a year or two I’ll get something like one of these garden towers, which look like a pretty great way to do small-yard gardening.

At the moment, though, I need to find another cardboard box top or something of its ilk to put my little starter-seedling toilet roll ‘pots’ in so they don’t all fall over, and then I can get the tomatoes and stuff going. :)


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  1. Those flower towers look great but the commercial over here is an-noy-ing! My dad grew potatoes in containers last year so he got square potatoes!!!! You just have to keep adding more dirt as they grow to the top apparently. I need to wait until after May before I can get anything in the dirt… but tulips are coming up and loos like the cherry tree has buds. Good luck with the mini-farm!

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