goals: year to date: february

Goals: year to date. Parenthetical statements indicate # achieved in February.

Words written
anticipated: 64,900
actual: 97,400 (62,400)

Miles biked
anticipated: 0
actual: 11.25 (2)

Miles swum
anticipated: 20
actual: 14 (8.5)

Drawings drawn
anticipated: 20
actual: 2 (0)

Books read
anticipated: 20
actual: 15 (5)

Pounds lost
anticipated: 5
actual: +2

2 thoughts on “goals: year to date: february

  1. Goooooooooooooooooo Catie!
    As part of my wistful hope to Get Out More, I went and played disc golf today, with Kevin, Jerry, Jerry’s friend Lance and Lance’s 12-yr-old relative Valerie.
    And I SUCKED but it was really fun. ;) And ya know, if I had real goals like you it be easier to feel like I was accomplishing something, yup.

  2. Well, that’s why I made a short list of specific goals for the year. And I’m going great guns on some of them, obviously (like, oh, WRITING), and rather less great guns on others (weight loss…). But hopefully the whole goal and graphic thing will help me accomplish all of them by the end of the year. :)

    Sounds like a really fun weekend!

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