goals: year to date

This is the only thing I meant to post this morning. I wish it was the only thing there was to post.

Goals: year to date

Words written
anticipated: 34,100
actual: 35,000

Miles biked
anticipated: 0
actual: 9.25

Miles swum
anticipated: 10
actual: 5.5

Drawings drawn
anticipated: 10
actual: 2

Books read
anticipated: 10
actual: 10

Pounds lost
anticipated: 2.5
actual: +1

5 thoughts on “goals: year to date

  1. Consider measuring, rather than pounds lost, percentage body fat. As you are exercising regularly, your percentage of lean body mass may be increasing, and that’s a good thing. (:

  2. Yes, well, that’s an admirable idea, Deen, but I weigh two hundred pounds and while I certainly need to lose body fat percentages, I also just plain need to lose *weight*. I am not yet exercising enough. Once or twice a week, sporadically, is better than nothing, but it’s nothing like a routine and I consider it to be insufficient. I will lose weight as I get into a routine.

  3. I keep imagining you biking or gymming or swimming every day. I think I will keep imagining you doing this, as it is good inspiration for me to get off my tusch.

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