good grief

Man, it’s beautiful out. Ten below, but beautiful.

Sat down to write this morning (finally), and thought, “Hm, maybe this is the place to start working in some of the already-written stuff,” and so I opened up the original ch. 15, which is where I thought the stuff I needed was. Nope. Okay, so I opened up the original 16. Nope. Hm. Opened up the original 14, although gosh, I thought I only had stuff from 15 and 16 to amalgamate.

Hm. Not there either.

*13*. I had to go back to ch. *13* of the rough draft to find the stuff that I was looking for. Which means if I can use half of what I wrote before (and I think I can), I’m at least another 5K into the book, and if I can use most of it, more like 8 or 9K. Wow. I’d lost track of how much I had to work back in, I guess.

Plus I actually *wrote* 1200 words, and didn’t use the stuff from the original 13 yet after all. I suspect I’ll finish this chapter (I’m currently working on 17) before I get to the place in the story to use what used to be in 13. Which is really, really good: it makes the pacing much better.

Oh, and I finally finished putting my book nook together, after a mere 15 months of living here and using it. :)

ytd wordcount: 20,200


Last night while Mom and Dad were over for dinner, Ted flopped on the futon and Chanti slllloooooowly worked her way up onto it, even though she knew she wasn’t *supposed* to. :)

naughty chanti!


  1. Kerry

    Okay, curiosity has gotten the better of me…
    I just ‘hafta’ know what your bad kitties picture on the wall near your writing chair says. It seems something that would fit *perfectly* in our household of 16 cats.

  2. You have *SIXTEEN* cats?!?

    It says: “They stayed up late. They trashed the house. They were BAD KITTIES… and they acted as if they didn’t even care.”

    Mom and Dad got it for me. :)

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