good morning, everyone!

Good morning, everybody!

It’s been an exciting morning. Sarah and I are apparently such dreadful people we’ve driven somebody off two mailing lists and caused her to resign from the Writer’s Weekend conference. The power! THE POWER! AHAHAHAHAHAH.


I finished the last book of the Carol Berg trilogy last night; it was, like the others, very good, although probably my least favorite of the three. Some of the things that happened did surprise me, though, so that’s good. :) And although I felt like I should’ve worked on TQB worldnotes some last night, sitting in the new sofa is better for my back (lots of good lower back support!) than sitting in my writing seat, and I had the book to read, and…. :)

Cleaned the kitty litter, made bread, and finished the ch. 4 rewrite of HoS this morning. All is goot. And I was right, ch. 3 still needed work, but I worked on it, too, and it’s better now. :)

I’m in a really good mood! This is another one of those, “God, my job is so great!” (Where ‘job’ equates writing, not the day job.) This rewrite is going well. I feel like I’ve gotten a grasp on some of the things that AnnaG wanted from the ms, and between her notes and Jenn’s, yah, I feel very solid about what I’m doing. And, y’know, annoyingly, the book will of course be better for it. *laugh* I’ve got an idea on how to punch up the section Jenn thought dragged, and cleverly it brings in the fifth and final of the Old Races, a race which hadn’t been introduced in the original manuscript, so I think that’ll be good. Yeah. Yah! *dancie dance* :)

ytd wordcount: 119,700

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  1. I should really get around to signing up for Writer’s Weekend. Sarah keeps pestering me to go. :)

  2. What did you two meanies do to the poor unsuspecting soul to scare her away?

  3. If I go, will there be space in your hotel room that I might share, or all you all shared up?

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