good webhosty people

Ok, that was a much less traumatic experience than I was expecting it to be.

I noticed a month or so ago that I couldn’t tell if my webhosting people were charging me, and I kept forgetting to contact them about it. They noticed it yesterday, and contacted me. It turns out that they haven’t, in fact, charged me since the end of October, God alone knows why, and they’re doing stuff with their billing system now and so they’d noticed it. Anyway, so I went ‘gah’ and wrote back to ask how much I owed in back payments, and I was hoping they’d let me set up some kind of payment plan so I didn’t have to pay a huge whacking amount all at once (probably not *that* whacking, but more whacking than a monthly charge). Instead they said, “You’ve been a customer for a while, so we’ll just let the back charges slide, and go forward from here. This is what you need to do in order to fix things up,” and I did that and now everything is cool and they won’t suspend my account or anything. :) So that was a much more pleasant experience than anticipated!

Today is apparently All Posts All The Time day. :)

Also, my stupid back hurts. *frown*

7 thoughts on “good webhosty people

  1. Ahhh… reminds me of the good old days when we had to tell customers that they owed a bazillion dollars because we hadn’t billed them for 2+ years.


  2. What would you do if YOUR account got suspended? I can’t imagine…Oh and sorry about your protoeditor issue…hmmm…maybe you could just ignore the whole thing…it is just a proto turn down from a proto human…? Bad puns must stop.

    (P.S. Gaming would be GREAT! I have to pick up a friend from the airport at 12:30 am…so ANY little bit of that time I can fill up….)

  3. Cool, why don’t you come by around 6, then? Ted’s gonna start up a different game so we can have something to do if Christopher flakes, and we’ll do chargen and then run a game for a few hours, how’s that sound? :)

    If my account got suspended, I would weep, wail, tear my hair out, and… call them, I suppose, to get it straightened out, since I wouldn’t be able to access email. :)

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