great aspirations, shot dead

I had great aspirations of getting 1400 words written on TQB this evening, which would 1. put me at 5k for the chapter and 2. put me at 13k for the year, overall. I didn’t make it ’cause it turned out the chicken was still frozen and so we went out to eat, but I /did/ get the 1000 words that’s my so-called quota done on it.

It occurs to me at this moment that perhaps I should be aiming for 1500 words a day on TB, as the primary project, instead of just 1100, since the difference between 1100 on the primary project and 1000 on the secondary is negligible.

I shall consider this possibility. Next week. This week I think it’ll be sufficient to actually continue to write every day. Next week we’ll heighten our ambitions. Maybe. :)

I’m also considering rolling TQB over into the primary project slot when I finish TB, and putting HoC into the secondary slot. At 1100/1000 words a day, that doesn’t really make any difference, but at 1500/1000 wpd, it does. Then when I finish TQB, roll HoC into the primary and MD into the secondary. That might keep things fresher. We shall see, we shall see!

Is this as mind-numblingly boring for other people to read as I imagine it is? :)

ytd wordcount: 12,600

6 thoughts on “great aspirations, shot dead

  1. It reminds me of a sign I saw on the way home:


    It took me a minute, and I knew I was looking at a grocery store sign. ;)

  2. It doesn’t bore me!

    But then, I suffer from writers’ disease as well.

    (But I want more Albaaaan.)

  3. Me neither…though I too do the same thing with REALLY boring stuff. Data analysis, anyone?

  4. Huh? What? Must have dropped off there for a minute.


    Acualtyl (word puzzle), I think it’s pretty interesting to see how your mind works – even though I don’t know what all the initials stand for.

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