hair… driving… me… MAD!

Hair… driving… me… MAD!

I have spent nearly three years growing my hair out into this style. The difficult part of it all is the damned bangs, which are now well past my chin in length, and driving me ABSOLUTELY INSANE. In order for them to not be a pain in the ass, I have to barrett them or put them in a ponytail, and this, my friends, is the point at which I always give up on having hair. What, I figure, is the point in having long/ish hair if all I’m going to do with it is put it in a ponytail? And tucking it behind my ears makes my ears feel cold (ponytailing it doesn’t seem to have quite the same cold sensation, possibly because there’s no bundle of warmth behind my ears from all the hair tucked there).

I’m planning to get my hair trimmed this weekend. Maybe that’ll help. If not, well…. I’m cute with bangs.

9 thoughts on “hair… driving… me… MAD!

  1. That is a cute little flapper girl bob in the photo….
    And stylish once again, too, thanks to _Chicago_

  2. I know the feeling. Growing mine out this long drove me NUTS. I’m still not sure how I managed to make it through the awkward always-in-my-face stage. Lots of swearing, I suspect…

  3. Thank you to whomever made the flapper bob comment. I suspect Mary Anne.

    Well, I’m really /past/ the awkward in my face stage; it’s long enough to pull back, at this point. But like I said, this is the point at which I start wondering why I bother growing it, if I’m just going to pull it back.

  4. Heh. ;) I used to wear my hair down all the time in high school, and I don’t know how I could have stood it. In college I started braiding most of the time, since the dryness-caused static electricity turned loose long hair into a torture device (if it was dry) and walking to/from campus at -40 with loose WET hair was a bad idea, so.. yeah. It’s habit now. I almost never wear my hair down. Braids and ponytails and buns can look pretty too, darnit! ;)

  5. Whoops…yes, the flapper comment was me…How’d you guess?

    and yes, braids, ponytails, bun, etc. can look pretty…

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