hair & other photos

Finally a new Kithair picture, as promised sometime this weekend:

Also, Chanti thinks she’s a lap dog:

More pictures of silly Ted and Chantico here. :)

6 thoughts on “hair & other photos

  1. I, for one, really like your hair that way. I particluarly like the long stripes. You’re right– they WOULD make very cool shadows.

  2. So I look at the pic and I read your grump about ‘not losing weight yet’.


    You’ve lost a ton of weight from your face.

  3. no-no… I think Stella is right. You DO look like you’ve lost significant weight! Seriously.
    Lookin’ good Kit! ;o)

  4. i thought that same thing about your face looking signif. thinner AND i like your hair a lot :D

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