happy damned new year!

Happy damned New Year! Or happy new redesign, anyway. :)

Some notes about the redesign: if you’re using anything lower in version number than 7 in Netscape, you’ll be seeing the barebones version of this site. Comments are 100% inline for the barebones version. At this moment in time, neither the archives nor many of the non-MT pages are working in NS4. They will be; I’m working on a php-based barebones template. It may take another day or two.

If you’ve got IE, Opera or another Gecko browser (Mozilla, Netscape 7, Chimera), you should have the option to get/make comments either as a popup or inline, as you prefer. Just click the appropriate linke. If you can’t handle that, I can’t help you.

And now I shall go and do the Dance of Smug. *dance dance dance*!

Incidentally, or perhaps not so incidentally: many thanks to Bryant, whose fault this all is, because I wanted a random quote on my page after he got one on his, and Kent, who spent a whole lot of hours troubleshooting problems with the redesign and helping me get it up and running.

4 thoughts on “happy damned new year!

  1. I LOVE the new design!!

    Also, yes, I definitely like the pop up comments much better.


  2. i am loving this redesign…..slick format, nice color, and i dig the pop-comments….you’re so cool!

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