Anyone who is a sucker for a good Beauty and the Beast story, Ron Perlman, steampunk, Cthuloid tentacled horror monster gods, sullen chicks setting things on fire, over-the-top Nazi evil, unstoppable legendary sorcerers or good triumphing explosively over evil ought to go see Hellboy.

And really, if you’re not a sucker for at least *one* of those things, what are you doing reading my journal, anyway?

I really enjoyed Hellboy a lot. I’m seriously considering going and seeing Hellboy again, like, this weekend or something. Or, hey, Jai? You want to go see Hellboy sometime?

I love Ron Perlman. I want to cast him in Legion in some kind of recurring role so that someday I can get him to call me Catherine. o.o Not that he is Vincent-like in Hellboy, because he’s not (Vincent, for one, is never sarcastic), but man, he’s just *so* *good*. He’s more believable under a zillion pounds of makeup than most actors are with their whole face to emote with. *happy sigh* She loves him, yes indeed.


  1. And now everyone will run right out and get a complete run of the _Hellboy_ comics (almost all of them now conveniently collected in trade paperbacks), making Mike Mignola as rich as he deserves to be, right?

  2. This is the point at which I shamefully admit to having not read any Hellboy except a one-issue Hellboy/Ghost crossover. :)

    However, I’m kind of inspired to go look for some of those trade paperbacks now!

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