Hm. It appears that my idea of a wide skate is not the same as a figure skates maker’s idea of a wide skate. I have recieved my skates in the mail, and they are … well, they almost fit. But not quite.

Sarah has suggested I go look at *men’s* figure skates. I want to know why she didn’t think of that two weeks ago. I want to know why *I* didn’t think of it two weeks ago! Maybe we can go over to Sports Authority tonight and I can try on some men’s skates. And then I’ll probably have to send these skates back. Sheesh. Wottabother! Darned fat feets!

However, I also got tapes of this season’s Angel in the mail, so there is Angel to watch! Yay!

3 thoughts on “hm.

  1. It’s the brain cell thing. I have to have a reason for having half the brain cell, I tell you. Okay, so my half’s slow, but it’s got to have a purpose!

  2. You should email your cousin Alanna. She got
    wide, insulated, professional quality ice-skates somewhere
    off the ‘net.

  3. I did! Alanna didn’t remember where she’d gotten them! And the ones I ordered were wide, but just not wide enough. :P

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