hot. sweaty. dying. MEOW.

Hot. Sweaty. Dying. MEOW!

Hello from the hostel in NYC. It’s pretty decent. Bright colors and clean rooms and my god it’s hot.

Laura and Ben are safely married in what was a terrific wedding ceremony. I’ll write more about it later when I’m not paying $2 for 20 minutes of net access.

Their friend Barry drove us into NYC this afternoon and walked us around some so we could get a feel for the place (THANK YOU, BARRY!). It’s a little much for Ted, who doesn’t like going into new cities because he doesn’t know where he’s going, but he and Barry sat down with a map and got oriented, and that seemed to help.

The bad thing is that we missed mony. We haven’t had net access at all the last few days– we hoped to log on at Russ, who picked us up in Boston (THANK YOU, RUSS!)’s place, but the net was down at his place and … yeah. Failure all around to be able to get to the net. Anyway, it turned out there was a brunch this morning that I wasn’t entirely aware of, and it also turned out that it’s harder to get out of West Milford by public transportation than I would’ve expected, so we didn’t get into the city until like 4:30. We went to Grand Central Station just in case mony was still there, and looked around at the information kiosk where we were supposed to meet, but there was no joy. Snif. I hope she very sensibly went home when we continued to not show up for very long periods of time. :/

Hm, I’ve got 11 minutes. The wedding was gorgeous. Everybody, and I do mean everybody, wore 14th century medieval garb, and everybody looked fantastic. Laura and Ben were gorgeous and goopy and looked magnificent, and the attendents, male and female, all looked smashing. The parents wore blue (the wedding party was in green) and Laura’s mom’s costume was just wonderful wonderful. She’d spent lots of time making it herself. :)

The site was amazing, even if it rained ALL DAY on Saturday. There’s a pond and cabins and a story to go along with the guy who owns the place– his grandfather went to boys camp there, and his father did too, and then he did too, and in the eighties the place was abandoned, and in the early 90s he was out hiking and found the abandoned site, which was starting to get vandelized, so he took all the stuff that was there, memorabilia and knicknacks and whatnot, and put it away so it’d be safe, and in the mid nineties was able to buy the site — 45 acres– and they’re renovating it. It’s absolutely amazing. And they loooooved what we did with the hall to decorate it, and wanted pictures. Hee hee hee. :)

Ok, down to 7 minutes and I’m going to try to get my email to work. Bai!

5 thoughts on “hot. sweaty. dying. MEOW.

  1. Doh! At 4:30, I was downstairs in the dining concourse sitting at a table and sullenly eating ice cream which most definitely was not a belgian waffle. In fact, it wasn’t even ice cream. It was frozen custard. Or something like that.

    Pooh. :(

  2. And we weren’t ALL in 14th Century….Jen was 15th, and I was closer to 16th, and there were at least 2 17th….. :)
    *picky, picky*
    But it was good seeing you guys!!!!

    I miss having you around!

  3. BTW, I did a google search, and I was right about the last name….There are not many results, but there are a couple of hits on some page belonging to a UAF prof mentioning his grad students. (amazing what you sometimes will suddenly remember at 2am)

  4. Argh! We missed you entirely! Argh! *fuss* *hugs* I’m so sorry. Phooey.

    Next time we’reon the east coast there will be more organization. Darn it. o.o

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