hotels and writing and work, oh my!

Yesterday was pretty much a total wash. I stretched early in the morning and crunked my neck (did I mention that already?) and ended up sort of semi-functional all day, until I finally got to the chiro and Dr. Woody popped my back and neck so much that we both thought it was funny. Ted and I ran around and did a jillionteen errands after that. Poor Ted. *laugh* He was soooo tired and sooooo grimey. :)

We went to bed sensibly early last night and then Ted’s new boss called at a quarter to eleven to say he was sick and could Ted handle opening all by himself today. The same thing happened *last* time Ted had a breakfast cook job, too. Hmmmm. :)

I am in fact going to check myself into a hotel room tonight (probably after going to a movie with Ted, if he’s awake enough to do that) and then I will spend all day Saturday and Sunday revising Urban Shaman. I shall arrange for a late check-out time on Sunday so that I can have all day before coming back home. I expect I’ll be a little wild-eyed by Sunday evening, and man, that’s not much like a weekend, but I do anticipate most of the work being done by then, so that’s good.

Off to find a hotel, now, and to do work.

miles to Rivendell: 423


  1. shywickedpixie

    I’ve got incredible corporate room rates at Millennium. If you are interested… just email!

    Of course, with Ted working at Marriott he probably gets a great discount there. ;-)

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