how well do you know me?

Okay, this is Ellen’s fault: How well do you know me?

EDIT: there are 46 possible points. :)


  1. Janne

    Hrm… how does one get 46 points in a 10-question quiz? Each right answer worth 4.6 points, or are the wrong replies weighted, too ? :)

    (And I thought I only had the poet wrong–you’ll need to share the correct answers somewhere so I can fix my mistaken assumptions!)

  2. I was a little weird with the answer weights. I got it into my head that the total points available for any one question was 10, and thus gave the most right answer, say, 4 or 5 points, and less-right answers fewer, down to 0, so that the number of potential points across the 5 choice spread was 10. So it ended up being a 46 point quiz, not a 100 point quiz. o.o

    I’ll post the answers in a couple days. :)

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