hrm. rivendell.

Hrm. If I walk 3 miles (ok, 3.09 miles) EVERY SINGLE DAY til Dec 17th, I will make it to Rivendell.

I need encouragement!

miles to Rivendell: 210.5

6 thoughts on “hrm. rivendell.

  1. Walk Catie, walk! Sounds like the chant Piemur and the other apprentices put up for Menolly in Dragonsinger of Pern….. :)

    wow, how’s that for SF/Fantasy book geekiness?

    meanwhile, back to the regularly schedule program already in progress….

    You can do it Catie….and remember you only need AVERAGE 3 miles…you can do more some days….

  2. i don’t get the miles to rivendell thing…the number seems to be going up….explain for a silly blonde, please? :) Say hi to the ted-meister for us.


  3. Hey, Jen. :) The miles to Rivendell thing is… well, I’m counting how many miles I’ve walked, not how many miles I’ve got left. :)

    The whole thing is inspired by this site:

    Basically, it’s a get-in-shape/weight loss challenge: walk 458 miles by December 17th (the day RotK opens), because 458 is the number of miles from Hobbiton to Rivendell. So at this point I’ve walked 210 of the 458 miles to Rivendell. :)

    Mary Anne: Yes, that was very, *very* geeky of you.

    Laura: a little gentle prodding would not go amiss. :)

  4. cool…I was thinking it was something like that, but was reading it as a countdown (ie., miles LEFT to walk to Rivendell), so I was confused when the number went up. :) *happy thoughts on your submissions* I know the feeling about rejection letters as I just got my second reject-revise letter for an academic paper. I haven’t poured my *soul* into this baby, but it’s got a lot of my time, stress, worry, etc. in it. At least at this point, they’re saying that they’ll almost certainly publish it if I make the fixes they’re asking for…

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