Huh. I’m taking over the Alaska RWA site, cause the woman who’s running it now is leaving and because, well. Web designer. :) So we were talking on the list about me taking over the site, and a couple of people asked if they could sit in on me and Lani discussing the transition, and then other people mentioned they were going to take Dreamweaver classes, and so after a while I said, well, if people were interested, I could teach an HTML class, since I’ve done it before and it’s fun and easy to learn and anyway, everybody’s been very “yes yes!” about the idea. So that’s kinda cool!

I wonder if I’ve got those old Internet Alaska HTML class handouts that I did years ago around anywhere. Or, more likely, if Ted has them somewhere. That would be very useful. Hm.

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  1. Dunno about the handouts, but it’s pretty amusing to poke around the “old” IA site and see what’s still up. :-)

  2. !

    The HTML primer they’ve got up there is the one I wrote! It’s been modified some, but not very darned much!

    *copies it* :)

  3. Hey, speaking of RWA (er, vaguely anyways), do you read Romantic Times Book Club? If you’ll look on page 16, under the Series Rap Sheet, there’s a listing of a trilogy by Jessica Bird called….The Walker Papers Trilogy!

    **Hums to the tune of ‘It’s a Small World’**

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