i gotta marie kondo my life

S P E C I F I C A L L Y i need to marie kondo all the stuff that’s lying around that’s actually already been marie kondo’d and just needs to be TAKEN SOMEWHERE ELSE. We don’t have a car, which makes some of it difficult, but there are also things too large to be put in a car (like a 3 seater sofa), so it’s less relevant on that front.

I am just so tired of Stuff. I do not know how to winnow down the STUFF. I mean, I do, but like most things in life, it’s much easier to know HOW to do a thing than to actually do it. Even, in this case, if you apply the really fairly sensible Marie Kondo approach. I mean, like, do my yearbooks bring me joy? No, but it’s still weirdly hard to get rid of them. Does the collection of 6th grade research papers we wrote in my QUEST class bring me joy? No, but if I got my act together I could get them scanned and send them to my classmates, which might be worth a moment’s laugh.

Or not.

Anyway, this is hardly a new refrain, even on a blog that’s been mostly dormant for years, but it’s what I’m wrangling with today.

My dream, really, is to DECLUTTER enough to feel like getting somebody in to vacuum and clean the bathroom would not just be sort of a waste of time. Like, I recognize the house isn’t anywhere near bad enough to make a professional cleaner recoil, but I would like to get it to a Reasonable State and then have somebody HELP ME KEEP IT THAT WAY.

(I’m beginning to realize that the character count limit on Twitter affects my tendency to bold or italize things. Now I just YELL THEM REAL LOUD.)

Okay, I’ve just spent twenty minutes trying to find an image for the ‘featured image’ on this post, and can’t, so I think perhaps I should just post it and move on with my day.

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3 thoughts on “i gotta marie kondo my life

  1. Does the knowledge that the stuff has rendered vacuuming and dusting by someone else contribute to making the activation energy needed to devlutter even higher? If so, start on the service anyway and with the dusting and vacuuming under control (and off your plate) you might find yourself with more energy to wrangle with the rest.

    My general feeling is that if someone is thinking ‘gosh, it would a huge help to get a service to take care of X but my life in not yet perfect enough to have someone else take care of X’ it’s probably a sign to just go ahead and get a service to start taking care of X now. :)

    1. TRULY i have been wondering if that is the Correct Approach here, so perhaps you are Guiding Me In The Right Direction!

  2. Augh! A typo! But also, if you just want noises of understanding and empathy, feel free to ignore my first reply. :)

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