i gymmed!

I gymmed! I even biked 4 miles! I’ll probably have bike butt tomorrow. :) It was a pretty good workout.

Before that, unfortunately, I slipped on the ice and fell under the Jeep, whanging the hell out of my left knee, landing on my right butt cheek, and causing my back to crunch in several places. I will be very grateful to only have a bruised knee and butt tomorrow, and not a whanged-up back. I really, really don’t want a mucked up back. :/

Part of my brain thinks I should write some more. The rest of me thinks my hands are tired enough from lifting weights that my typing is questionable and my writing should be left alone for the night.

I suspect the rest of me is going to win. :)

We _tried_ to go to The Music Man to get a guitar. However, it was neither on International Airport Road nor on 36th Avenue where I thought it might be. Turned out it’s on Tudor, which is between International Airport and 36th.


Soooooo I’ll try to get a guitar this weekend, instead of today, and I won’t have a guitar lesson tomorrow, but I’ll have one in Feblueberry! Actually, I should have 3 in Feblueberry before I have to pay for any again, which is cool.

Brain empty now. Nighty night. :)

6 thoughts on “i gymmed!

  1. Um. I will be very displeased with your back if it decides to be mucked up. Tell it that. Also tell it that I’ll give it a cookie if it stays fixed. And, did you ponder the wisdom of gymming and biking after falling on your tuchis? No ow-y backs allowed. hrmph.

  2. I did ponder the wisdom, but I seemed to be generally uninjured, so I risked it. And I seem to be fine today. Do I get a cookie? *hopeful eyes*

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