I think…

I think, she said tentatively, that my back is much improved today, having been popped a lot yesterday.

Ted and I are working our way through Stargate season II quite steadily. Doom, though: Shaun borrowed the first season of 24 from a coworker, and from what I understand, once you start, you can’t stop, so we’re thinking of doing a 24 Marathon this weekend.

Not much writing going on, though. Gotta get up tomorrow and do that.


  1. Alix

    “24” is, indeed, crack. They do a masterful job of ending every episode but the last one on a mini-cliffhanger.

    And when you get to season 2, the final episode again ends in a cliffhanger. Augh, I say.

  2. Anonymous

    Alix is right. In fact, we had to *stop* watching it weekly because we got so keyed up by the suspense!
    BTW, we are ready to start watching episode 10 of Highlander, season 1, whenever you are ;)

  3. kit

    *giggle* I knew it was you anyway. Nobody else is watching season 1 Highlander. :) Well, probably SOMEBODY else is, but no one else *I* know! I think I still have to watch episode 9, I’mnot sure, so I’ll try to do that real soon here. I may be forced to watch the rest of Stargate season 2 first, though. :) My pattern this spring was to watch 2 hours of HL every Saturday night, so if you guys want to go ahead, I can catch up easily enough. :)

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