i’d say i’m tired…

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…but I recently read an “advice to young people” thing that said, “Don’t tell people you’re tired. Everybody’s tired, and they don’t care if you are too.”

Actually, what I thought about that was, 1. F#ck you, asshole, and 2. There’s obviously something wrong with our society if tired is everybody’s default. But anyway.

I do wish I’d stop waking up at 5am, because I almost never get any meaningful sleep once that happens. Alternately, I suppose I wish I’d go to bed at 9pm so waking up at 5 didn’t seem quite so horrifying, but I don’t do that either. Anyway, again.

We’re out of the other house. All is cleaned, and if it’s not to my mother’s standards, I have assuaged that guilt by 1. not having her come inspect our handiwork :) and 2. really not giving a damn. It’s better by far than the average Irish house is when renters leave, so that’s good enough.

Now there is an incomprehensible amount of unpacking to do.

I had the kitchen dealt with until more stuff came from the old house. We need for people who drink a lot more than we do to come over and drink the 9 bottles off wine we have, because we have nowhere to put it. (“Drink it!” you say. Yes, well, I don’t drink wine at all and red wine gives Ted migraines, so basically we slowly collect gift wine and never, ever drink it.)

People are coming on Thursday to put a new, lighter-colored carpet in the dining room, because we went to Ikea and concluded that buying a floor-sized rug we didn’t like for at least half and possibly 3/4ths the cost of a new fitted carpet was ridiculous. But they only install carpets on Thursdays, apparently, which means not really unpacking that room until after that, and needing to put all the boxes that are in there somewhere else, and thus needing to find places for them.

Which means I’ve got to get rid of the massive, split-sided wardrobe in the utility room so that boxes can be put in there so the carpet can be replaced ETA: oh glory be, wednesday is the day the city council comes around and takes Big Stuff, so I can just put that *out*, YAY

I need to make jam, because I have a stupendous number of jam jars. I need to ask my mother-in-law to send Bell jam jar lids, so that I can make jam. I should also see if I can find a source for the local jam jar lids.

I need to bring this bag of books to Chapters, which is the only item on this list that seems surmountable.

I need to clean the tub (which we messed up: it did not come pre-filthy) so Young Indiana can bathe and I can shave my itchy legs.

I need to find new feet for the scale. I need to figure out some kind of storage solution for the bathroom, which has absolutely none, and also hasn’t got anywhere particularly good *for* storage. It’s amazing how a space that large can be so badly arranged in terms of that kind of thing.

I need to wash that mattress cover in the tub when it’s cleaned. I need to get a clothesline for the back garden, and figure out where it’s best hung, so the mattress cover, which won’t fit in the dryer, can be dried.

I need to call the landlord, whose number I’ve finally gotten, and tell him that we need the door to the alley fixed, the ivy cleared away so it doesn’t break again, the toilet that leaks down the outside wall fixed, the slow leak in the washing machine fixed (I’m pretty sure that’s just something that needs tightening or something, but I don’t know what), and find out how to either disable the security alarm or at least stop it randomly beeping at stupid hours. Oh. And get the stair railing fixed.

I need to tell my sister we dug the bureau she’s acquiring from us out, and she can now come get it arrange for a time for her to come get it send her away with it.

I need to unpack the clothes, although I wish I could get another wardrobe or dresser into our bedroom so there was more to unpack them into. Nothing is the right damned size. Both our dresser and the wardrobe in the bedroom are too big to fit into the spaces beside the fireplace and the only way to put the bed in that room that allows for more wall space is to put the head of it under the window, which isn’t really ideal. I don’t know.

I have absolutely no idea there are shiploads more things that need doing, but at the moment, this is just about all I can think of.

– get shrubbery
– get bird feeder
– get new pillows
get childproofing stuff
– jumbletown:
» large wardrobe
» table & chairs
» that one desk
» our computer desk what don’t fit wah
– repaint upstairs bathroom
– 2nd coat on downstairs bathroom

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2 thoughts on “i’d say i’m tired…

  1. My guess is that it’s the sulfites often used in processing red wine that cause the migranes, and there are sulfite-free red wines.

    Just sayin’.

  2. I really hope you read this…..try a shelf above the bathroom door for storage. Other than that, I have no thoughts……hope you’re well!

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