I’m baaaaaaaack!

Sorry for falling off the face of the earth yesterday. My web host service’s biggest machine, the one that my sites (of course) are hosted on, had a hard drive crash and it took them a very long time indeed to get it back up. I’m back in the saddle again and will be getting them to transfer my sites to a *different* server that’s less overloaded. o.o

Let’s see. If I’d been here yesterday, I’d have told you how I rewrote part of ch. 7 but didn’t finish it, so don’t get to count the words, and how I walked not one but *two* miles to Rivendell, and how my nephew Breic is just like his mommy and has been flinging himself out of chairs and injuring himself, to the point which his mommy said, “He has a bridge across the bruise of his nose.”

I’d have told you how I was going to make a list of Thinks To Do, but because my webpage was down I didn’t, and oddly enough, none of the Thinks I needed To Do got done. *laugh* I’d have said, “Hey, Kevin Smith (the director) is going to be doing some kind of show thing on April 24th up here, maybe we should go!” but instead we’ve already gotten tickets, so there’s no anticipatory build-up at all. I’d have told you all of those things, and probably some others besides, but instead, I wasn’t here yesterday, and so the day is lost to the annals of time.

Today, however, I am here again! And there’s email from the Irish embassy saying they’ve re-issued Deirdre’s foreign birth registration certificate and were 2-day fedexing it to me ’cause they told me in January (actually I think they told me in October but I didn’t get around to sending it til January) that it would take 3 weeks and it’s been 3 months. They’re terribly nice people and really on the ball as soon as you nag them. :)

And there’s email from my editor about book covers and promising a revision letter by next week (I told her I shall look Very Sternly at her if it doesn’t arrive!) and there are new chapters from Sarah! I have re-lost 3.5 of the 5 pounds I put back on in March, and I went for a walk this morning. All is well with the world!

It is my plan, tomorrow, to get up whether I like it or not and go for a walk at 6am, thence to return and shower and write. I must finish chapter 7 tonight and if I am at all a good Kit I will also do chapter 8. Also, I must do more laundry and vacuum, as I’ve been putting both of those things off for several days.

Then, on another note entirely, prompted by Russ, I have been looking over my friends list at LJ to see how it all breaks down.

There are 53 people/groups on my friends list. Out of those 53, 3 are communities. Down to 50.

There are… *counts* 6 (published) authors I don’t personally know on my list, 1 of whom is dead (Peyps). That puts me at 44.

2 of the friends are Opportunitygrrl and SpiritRover, the blogs of the Mars Rovers. 42.

1 is a recipe feed from Jenn. 41. 1 is my mizkit.com feed so I can see if people leave comments there (which they SHOULDN’T because they don’t get EMAILED to me *stern look*) and another is my cousin Kerry’s LJ which she says is defunct but I haven’t taken it off my friends list, just in case. 39.

Of those 39:

8 are college (or before) friends.

23 are MUSH/online friends whom I have known anywhere from 5-10 years.

2 are people I’ve met IRL whom I didn’t meet online first.

The remaining 6 are people I have never met IRL, but for whatever reason I became sufficiently interested in their lives to read their journals.

There are at least 32 people on this list whom I have known ten years or more.

No, there’s no point, I just thought it was all kind of interesting. :)

miles to Rivendell: 383

7 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaack!

  1. Well, those two people you’ve met IRL that you didn’t meet online first must be..Jai and I!

  2. I was chatting with MA during our visit this weekend and we realized that we’ve known each other for 12 years. I think it’s about the same for you. That is SO weird. And to think I’m still reasonably sane after such long association! ;)

  3. *laugh* No, you and Jai went into the 8 who were college-or-before friends. :) Laura’s husband Ben, and Alix who posts here occasionally, are the two people I met IRL before meeting them online. :)

  4. Actually, I think I technically met you onlin before meeting you IRL. :P

  5. Not, apparently, in my tiny mind, Ben.

    Besides, no you didn’t. Laura told us about you and then we met you in California and after that I talked to you online some. I’m pretty sure. :)

  6. Speaking of which, I just found out over on LJ that your agent helps run an Amber con I’ll be prolly going to this summer.

    Small world.

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