Now that I have learned to make e-books I want to do ALL the Old Races stuff RIGHT NOW and get them up for people to buy! NOW! NOW NOW NOW!

…except I haven’t edited “YoM”, I need cover art for it and ORIGINS, and I need to write one or two stories for AFTERMATH. Curses. :)

Been thinking and examining the whole self-pubbed e-book pricing and stuff. In retrospect, it’s possible Faith Hunter & I should’ve set “Easy Pickings” at a $3.99 price point. Wondering whether wordcount or story type should dictate price for e-books. Collection of short stories, $2.99, 1 novella (same length or longer than short story collection) $3.99, book $4.99, long book $5.99-$7.99?

(I’m Miss Posty McPostsALot today, it seems. :))

(Now if this would just crosspost to LJ…)

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2 thoughts on “impatient!

  1. I go by page count. I don’t like to pay $5 for something 150 pages or less. For certain authors I will though. I ended up buying Easy Pickings again through Amazon as the direct purchase was huge (MB wise). :-)

  2. Huh! Pagecount is an interesting way to go. Certainly I’m inclined to agree, at least to some degree. 150 pages would be…in the region of 60,000 words, which is by SFWA definitions a novel. So that’s actually kind of in the region of what I’m talking about anyway. Hm, hm, hm!

    And sorry for the direct purchase MB size, we’re still getting a handle on file sizes with this whole e-book thing…>.< :}

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