in news that’s not tragedy

Very pleasant evening had at the Murphy/Lee household tonight. Mom & Dad came over for dinner and we watched the extended version of Fellowship of the Rings, which definitely had some good bits that shoulda been in the movie. Also, it had an intermission, which also shoulda been in the movie. :)

Moving backwards through the day, we went to The Music Man, which was the guitar shop I was told did rent-to-owns. Well, that’s true, but they don’t do it for the kind of guitar I was told to buy, and I couldn’t get a loan for financing on the kind I was supposed to buy (or, really, it was the next grade up, I guess, but they didn’t have any of the kind I was supposed to buy and the next-grade-up one was used (sort of like my lemon of a guitar has been used, which is to say, it hasn’t, but someone owned it for a while) and so it cost the same as the one I was supposed to buy), so I have no guitar. :P I’ll have to call Mark and tell him my lessons are on indefinite hold. Phooey. Well, I’ll save some of my allowance every week and save up for one, darn it! Actually, I should call and see if they do layaways. It’d take about three months to pay one off if they do, but maybe I could get the slightly spiffier one for the same amount as the slightly less spiffy one if they do. of course, if they want 25% down I’ll be sort of screwed anyway, what with not having that much right now, but it’s worth a shot.

And moving further backwards through the day, I went to the post office and posted 5 query letters, 2 S&3s, and a bill. Go me!

(Actually, I only posted one S&3 because I had the zip code wrong. Doh. But I got stamps and I’ll drop it into the mail tomorrow.)

Before that, I printed the queries and S&3s and you were here for everything else.

4 thoughts on “in news that’s not tragedy

  1. Sit down in the store and play the guitars that you can afford, and the ones you’re supposed to buy. When I bought mine I lucked out and found one that sounded just like the ones that were twice as expensive. Guitar sound is so dependent on the exact bit of tree & amount of glue, even two of the exact same model can play completely differently.

  2. On a different note…
    I got to see the extended version of FotR the other day also…I agree…the bits that got added back in really were good additions. And the intermission would have been nice :)

  3. I can’t play the guitars, Geni; I don’t know how. That’s the whole idea of taking guitar lessons. And my ear’s not really good enough to tell the difference between one and another.

    The guitar the teacher recommended isn’t a wildly expensive one. It’s $250, which really doesn’t strike me as being all that bad. It’s just that it’s more expensive than I can afford right now. Anyway, they /all/ cost about that much, or more.

  4. If you’re lucky, your music store employee /does/ know how to play, at least a little, and you could ask them to show you the fingering for say, one chord, and give it a go. You might not have an ear to hear much difference, but you might be able to just tell what /feels/ right and comfortable and stuff like that.

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