inadvertantly cool :)

Yesterday I was talking to Mom, who said she thought it’d be good if somebody snatched up the rights to do URBAN SHAMAN as a movie as soon as it hit the shelves, especially since if they did it soon, James Garner could play Gary. I said, “Wow, he’d be great!” because, well, he would be. And that I hadn’t thought of that.

So I’m working on my BANSHEE CRIES edits. I just discovered a bit where I said Gary gives Jo a grin that would do James Garner’s Maverick proud.

Apparently I *had* thought of it. *beam* *giggle* I was so tickled I had to call Mom up and read that bit to her. :)

Lucy is annoyed with me because I do not make a good lap when I have manuscript scattered around and a writing board so I can take notes. :)

Very cheerful Kit!


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