intimidating me!

*LAUGH* Oh yeah. I just remembered. So last night after gaming we were talking, and Christopher said the first time I came into the comic shop after he started working there, I intimidated the *hell* out of him.

Now, Christopher is an ex-Marine. Christopher’s like 6’1″ and burly. This is not a guy you think of as being easily intimitable (although really he’s a pushover, but I probably shouldn’t say that where people can see it).

He said, “You were wearing your Rogue jeans jacket with all the Rogue pins, and you had your hair done with the stripe, and you said, “Hey! I haven’t seen you here before!” and I was like, “Um. Um. Um. I’m sorry. I’ll be good. I’m sorry. Oh look. The phone’s ringing. Thank God. I’m just gonna answer this now. *run away, run away*”

And then Coby said to Christopher, “I had a lot of warning before I met Catie.”



  1. mary anne

    I suppose my fair warning was the people she was hanging with when I met her (Viking High Council)….Although compared to most of *them* Catie was downright safe and normal :)

  2. Goodness, what a lot of comments. :)

    Fred: yes, it is. I don’t think of myself as being intimidating.

    R.: Yes, but that /was/ ten years ago. I may have recovered somewhat by then. :)

    Trip: No, it appears to be all natural!

    Dad: *laugh* Well, I don’t think Mom is intimidating, either! (Aunt Eileen, on the other hand… although I got over that. :)

    *giggles and dances with Ambar*

    *laughs and pltltltlbhts Laura and Mary Anne*

  3. mary anne

    I dunno….even though I’d “chatted” with your mom for months (if not years) before I actually met her, she was a little intimidating…I think you come by it naturally…. :)

  4. Marith

    Goodness. I didn’t know you were intimidating to others. Remind me to hire you if I need someone to Loom Menacingly at any point. :)

    Did you see on TNHblog, someone said they didn’t think any Nanowrimo novels from 2003 had been accepted for publication, and only 2 from 2002? I couldn’t remember which year RatF was, so didn’t mention you. But you could!

  5. Angles was a 2002 NNWM, and it hasn’t yet been accepted for publication. *snif* So not much point in speaking up at this point. :)

    I shall come intimidate people for you if you need me to! *giggle*

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