Is it possible…

…that I know, via LJ or otherwise, someone in London with whom I could crash the evening of the 18th of September? I’m only going to be there basically long enough to do the signing, flying in the afternoon of the 18th and flying out on the 19th, but I am cheap and if I can avoid paying London hotel rates for even one night, that would be…nice. :)

I’m thinking of doing a week’s worth of fiction postings at the end of the month. It may be an Internet Busking Week, though I’m not actually sure that sort of thing works unless you’re Warren Ellis and have thousands upon thousands of slavish blog readers. :) Anyway, short fiction, presumably. The problem is, I’m not especially good at thinking up short story ideas, so this is your opportunity to get a semi-commissioned C.E. Murphy story. Give me an idea or a topic or a theme or a character or whatever, and I’ll see what I can do.

It’s September. It’s September *2008*. How in God’s name can that *be*? *boggle* Thinks to do over the next week or so:

– finish the WENDEGO proposal
– write Chance #6
– get more of the Mia proposal done for Lanny

miles to Isengard: 248.3
ytd miles swum: 11.3


  • Scott Scheller

    How about using the opportunity to reveal a bit of backstory for one of your existing characters. Example, Billy Holliday. Maybe flesh-in the experience he had when his dead sister came to him. Maybe have him relive one of his experiences with Jo, but from his perspective, including revealing to the reader something we don’t yet know about him or Jo. How about Jo’s son. His powers should be awakening by now (and very likely a subject you intend to pursue for future books). Suzy Q’s life, post relocation, could provide fertile ground for a story or two. Being Herne’s kid she just HAD to get some of his mojo. She could face the situation alone, or come a lookin for Jo to help her out since they are bonded via Jo saving her life (again, the caveat for future books).
    Darn, now I’ve got half a dozen story ideas churning in my head!

  • Koneko

    Well, I’d have to check it out with the other two, but if you can’t get a place in London, would an airbed in a living room in a flat Chelmsford be as good? Even with the train ticket, it’s probably not going to be as expensive as hotels up there in the big city. (And it’s only a forty five minute train journey … )

    Also, hi! *wave*

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