Joanne’s Story

So the postman knocks on the door and I’m all “postman, huh, weird, I wonder what he’s delivering, I’m not expecting anything,” and he hands me this thing that says “art” on the customs slip and I’m all like “art? art? i don’t think i ordered any art? what–oh, from Eleri? Oh, she must have seen something that made her think of me, how sweet of her,” all this while I’m opening the package, and I open it so I’m looking at the back and it says “Joanne’s Story” and I’m thinking “huh interesting” and I’m thinking “this board probably opens up, it’s probably a protector for whatever art is in it,” so I was looking for an open end and kind of turning it around and then I realized NO WAIT THIS *IS* THE ART and then

oh my god

posted behind the cut because it’s very slightly NSFW in a petroglyphic way, which hasn’t stopped me from posting it all over twitter and facebook, mind you :)


Seriously. Tears in my eyes. I just spent about ten minutes just looking at all the petroglyphs and laughing and sniffling and oh, it’s just perfect.

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