joyful dance!

I do the dance of getting $13 back from the IRS! Hey, it’s a piddly amount, but the last two years I’ve had to pay thousands of dollars, so ANY refund looks really good to me!

I also do the rather less joyful dance of the personalized rejection letter from Thorndike Press for Trapper’s Daughter. Thorndike’s one of the houses I had hope for, so, well, drat, but at least it’s a nice rejection letter. Actually addressed to us and actually signed by the editor, which is a big improvement over the other rejections so far. :) It says:

Thank you for sending your manuscript, Trapper’s Daughter, to Five Star. However, it is not suitable for our publishing program. Your writing shows a lot of promise and I wish you luck in marketing your manuscript elsewhere.

So, y’know, at least she recognizes talent even if we’re not right for their line. :)

8 thoughts on “joyful dance!

  1. I’m trying to decide how much effort I want to put into doing my taxes. Congratulations on actually getting them done, though, and the $13 back, too!
    And Feh on the nice, if not smart enough, editor. When you’ve sold 20,000,000 copies, she’ll be sorry.

  2. I wanted to put just enough effort into doing my taxes to go to H&R Block and smile at nice Irina while she did all the work. :) But I think this is the first time in history they’ve been done before, well, April 15. :) Go us! :)

  3. Oh My God. Having done the work to do them out the long way, I get $500 more than if I’d done EZ. Moving expenses, student loan interest, and educator expenses, oh my. Now I have to find an envelope.

  4. At least living where you do, Kit, the state “tax form” is a nice deal. I remember being so jealous of my college roommate from Alaska come tax time; I had to file in two different states and file an extra form with the PA taxes that said “but look what Minnesota already took” (which extra form, by the way, was not available online at the time and had to be requested by SASE). (*)

    He just had to do the easy Minnesota form and send something to Alaska that said “yes, I am an Alaskan – give me money.”

    I must remember to go order TaxAct today.

    (*) And oh, some PA municipalities (like my township) also have local income taxes on yet another form, so there was that too. I’m glad I’m now staying in one state for the entire year.

  5. Oh, I have no complaints about the taxes up here, really. The last couple years sucked a lot because we had to deal with California state taxes as well as federal taxes, but yah, basically, Alaska taxes don’t suck. At least not any more than taxes in general suck.

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