Kitsnaps: Christchurch Gates

Christchurch Gates

Christchurch Gates
Christchurch Gates
This was not an easy picture to take. :)

5 thoughts on “Kitsnaps: Christchurch Gates

  1. But lovely nonetheless!
    Just wondering: where can I get a paperback version of “Walking dead”? This one seems to be sold-out EVERYWHERE. I need to get on with my series though! I need my fix! :-)

    1. If you mean a mass market paperback, by which I mean the smaller “pocket sized” versions that are 4×5″ or so, it’s never been released in mass market. The only size you can get it in is the larger 5×8″ paperback size, usually called trade paperback. Only the first 3 books have been released in mass market, and as far as I know there are no immediate plans to release the rest in that format.

  2. Thanks for your swift reply! But no, I really mean ‘paperback’ in general, I don’t care whether it’s mass or trade — I just want to hold it! (After buying it of course.) The only version I’m able to find, is an ebook. Or second hand, which I will do if necessary, but I like to be the one breaking the book in. Maybe I should mention I live in Europe, but even amazon does only sell electronic versions or second hand… The first three books I was able to buy quite easily, and it seems books 5 and up won’t be a problem either…

  3. Ah. There have been Issues with getting the books over here, which is…not worth going into right now. Try or Forbidden Planet in London–I can even drop by Chapters and sign copies for you, if you order through them. :)

  4. Alright, I’ll try chapters! Might take you up on your offer of signing them haha. Didn’t mean to swamp your Kitsnaps with this, sorry about that. Feel free to delete my comments, because they’re not really in the right section. I do really love your pictures by the way, I like the angle you choose.
    Right, now off to do some book hunting. And some fangirling. ;-)

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