I love you guys.

I really, really do. You’re crazy-wonderful. Crunderful. No, that doesn’t sound nice. Anyway, I love you.

The Fantasy Fudge project funded in about five hours. I have since received several emails from readers and friends laughing at me for being surprised, but honestly, it was a lark, it IS a lark, I figured I should give myself FORTY-FIVE DAYS to make it work, when, jeez, I don’t know, maybe a week would have been enough. So I love you guys.

At this moment, there are (technically) 7 kinds of fudge funded chocolate(walnut), peanut butter, maple(ginger), dairy-free and diabetic, and there’s one more in the works if the next stretch goal is reached.

I have a funny idea for a high-end stretch goal, one that will go out to everybody no matter what level they pledge at. It involves Joanne. I shall say no more. :)


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