man. lame week.

I’m just having a lame week so far, or something. I did write yesterday, but only a little less than 700 words, so I need to catch up this evening. I also /did/ manage both my 15 minute walks (the second being at the UAA gym, where I happen to know I walked a mile because there’s a sign that says ‘9 1/2 laps is 1 mile’), and then I swam a mile. I didn’t read and I didn’t do my situps or pushups and I didn’t do a drawing. OTOH, I did get over an hour of exercise, so I guess that counts for something.

Today I’ve decided not to worry about the job thing, because I don’t think they can fire me for working remotely without reorganizing the department. I’ll look this sort of thing up over the next week or so, but I think I’m actually pretty safe.

My darned tummy is upset this morning. Very distressing.

Thinks to do today:
1. 60 minute walk
2. write 1800 words (catchup!)*
3. there is no #3
4. be very, very smug over site redesign

music: Evanescence: Fallen

* Well, I did catch up, but not to yesterday’s writing too


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