Minas Morgul

So I was talking back and forth with Carl, and I said I’d thought of biking to Mordor, but I didn’t know how far it was and I’d been too lazy to look it up, so he went and got this information from a friend of his:

“From Minas Morgul to Hobbiton is 327 leagues (981 miles) as the crow flies. The actual distance on the ground between the two would be somewhat longer, and in the case of the Black Riders extended by the fact of various detours and such. If you have UNFINISHED TALES, one of the stories in there has a very detailed account of the Black Riders’ movements and activities prior to the beginning of FOTR.”

So! I shall bike to Minas Morgul, and take the crow’s route, a 981 mile journey! Hee hee hee! Thank you, Carl! *beam*


  1. Laura

    That is a VERY good idea! Can I maybe talk you into letting me borrow it a little if I’m nice and bat my eyelashes at you? Ben and I’ve been thinking of removing our biked miles from our Rivendell walk since I’m going to be riding a LOT in the next couple of months and will get there long before he will…which hardly seems fair, given that we’re supposed to be doing this together, and this would be a great substitute for including them.

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