more insane business

I donno about this vacation thing. It appears to be *far* more exhausting than work.

We leapt up at the crack of um 8 this morning and I wrote 1100 not particularly good words, but at least I wrote them, and had breakfast and then trundled over to Title Wave just a few minutes after 10 in an attempt to beat the bringing-in-books rush. They said, dubiously, that they *might* get to our buy today. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath. So instead of hanging out while they did the buy, we came home again. Ted called various people to have them come pick various things up, and we’re now going to go pay for the car to be picked up (the old dead Nissan) and go to the post office and maybe over to Office Depot to see if they’ve finished printing and binding my damned mss.

Sometime between 2 and 4pm, strange men will come to our house and deliver furniture. I tell you, this vacation thing is EXHAUSTING!

3 thoughts on “more insane business

  1. I know the feeling! I’ve been getting way less sleep than normal while I’ve been home, which is just weird weird weird. I blame my dad. o.O

    Unfortunately, all my Getting Stuff Done is sitting on my ass cataloging and cataloging and cataloging all of the old stuff I don’t want anymore. Pity there’s not much point to taking used books anywhere, as that’d be Minneapolis, and I’ve proven I don’t get there very often. And store credit is the last thing I need right now! O.o

    Er, anyway. Your new furniture looks great! Enjoy your reading!

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