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This here movie quiz/response thing I’m about to do is all Russ’s fault, and I’ll cut it to protect the innocent.

First movie you saw in the theatre: I’m pretty sure it was Disney’s Robin Hood. I still love that movie. I can still *quote* that movie. Try me sometime.

Fav movie as a kid: Er. Robin Hood. Ooh, and Bugsy Malone.

Movie you have seen the most times: Probably one of the two above. Last Unicorn and Princess Bride are up there too.

Biggest movie star crush as a kid: John Cusack.

Fav 80’s teen movie: Breakfast Club.

Fav song from a movie: Oh dear God. Uh. That’s impossible to answer. Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses leaps to mind. _Luck Be A Lady_ from Guys & Dolls, except that was a musical first. And Marlon Brando can’t sing, so his rendition’s a long way from my favorite.

Fav love movie: Possibly _Dead Again_. Also possibly _Casablanca_. Unless we’re going for romantic comedies, in which case _While You Were Sleeping_ is in the running. And _Princess Bride_.

Fav horror movie: I don’t like horror movies. Having said that, _Psycho_, which is a goddamned scary movie even if you see it for the first time at age twenty-three and it’s not like you don’t KNOW what’s going to happen.

Fav Drama: Um. _Dead Again_, probably.

Fav Sci Fi movie: Star Trek IV and VI. Don’t look at me like that.

Fav musical: Singing in the Rain.

Fav comedy: Noises Off

Fav action movie: Hudson Hawk.

Movie that scared you as a child: Some version or other of Dracula. I saw part of it at a friend’s house and couldn’t sleep for a week.

Movie that makes you cry every time you see it: Anne of Green Gables. The book, too.

Worst movie you ever saw: Mortal Kombat II is right up there…

Movie you walked out on in the theatre cause it was so bad: I didn’t, but I should’ve walked out of 1999 (or was it 2000’s?) _Godzilla_, which was so bad and which had such an appallingly insipid female lead that I was actually yelling, “Step on her! Step on her!” at the screen.

Most sexual movie you ever saw (NON PORN): Sea of Love.

Most disturbing movie you ever saw: Disturbing, huh? Probably _Born on the 4th of July_.

Movie that supposedly sucks but you love it: Hudson Hawk, man. I don’t know why the critics hated it so much.

Fav actors: John Cusack. Kenneth Brannagh. Sean Astin. Peter Wingfield. (Look, I didn’t list him first, aren’t you proud of me?) Robert Duvall. Al Pacino. Sean Connery. _Ron Perlman_, my god. Gene Kelly. Gene Wilder. Patrick Stewart. Hugh Jackman. I’ll stop now.

Fav actresses: Jodie Foster. Susan Sarandon. Emma Thompson. Gwyneth Paltrow. Mae West. Marilyn Monroe. Julia Roberts. Nichole Kidman. Sandra Bullock. Madeline Khan (an excellent call on Russ’ part). Julianne Moore. Judi Dench. Again with the stopping now.

Movie you wanted to see the most as a child but were not allowed to: The only movie I remember not seeing that I wanted to, as a child, was _The Fox and the Hound_, and it wasn’t that I wasn’t allowed to, it was that we got there too late to get tickets ’cause it was surprisingly sold out and we never got back to see it.

Sexiest movie star of all time MALE: It’s a toss-up between Gregory Peck and Denzel Washington.

Sexiest movie star of all time FEMALE: Queen Latifah. /Damn/, sister. I might have to go with Marilyn Monroe as the runner-up/actual movie *star*, though.

Movie that could/might as well been written about your life: Amadeus.

Fave villain in a movie: Um. I don’t know if I’ve got one. Probably General Chang from ST6.

Last movie you saw on TV/rented: Hm. I watched some of _The Client_ on tv the other day. I forget what we rented last.

Last movie you saw in theatre: The Two Towers, a’course.

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  1. I like Queen Latifah too….You be good to Mama, Mama’ll be good to you…. :)
    Although Lauren Bacall had it goin’ on too: “You know how to whistle, don’t you? Just put your lips together and blow”
    Kathleen Turner’s got a great bedroom voice too…

  2. I think Queen Latifah is one of the sexiest women in the world. I have ever since I saw… that movie she made with Holly Hunt(er?). Can’t remember the name of it, but I was just stunned by her presence and her sensuality.

    Not that Bacall or Turner are shabby either. I love Kathleen Turner. :)

  3. I loved Hudson Hawk, too! I’ve seen it tons of times (since it is on tv a lot) and actually have rented it a few times. I don’t know why the critics panned it, either.
    That having been said, I wasn’t crazy about Star Trek IV.

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