Not even has men’s figure skates. What the hell. *mutter*

I called the people at, which is where I bought my skates, and got a return code for the skates I had and talked to the woman there who said that she probably wouldn’t bother trying to order men’s skates from them, because their men’s skates are cut in medium widths and she suspects a medium width isn’t going to be any wider than a women’s wide. She gave me another URL to try, which has proved to not have any wide men’s skates either, but it was still very nice of her!

On another note (laaa!), there will be another Chicks anthology, but they don’t take unsolicited submissions. OTOH, the editor, Esther Friesner, has been very nice in email. :)

Crap. Nowhere in the entire universe carries wide men’s skates. I want to ice skate, but I want skates that fit! I won’t *use* them if they don’t *fit*! I could order a pair of custom-made ones for like FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, but I don’t THINK so. Gaargh!

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  1. Have you considered hockey skates? They come in mighty wide widths, and though you can’t do fancy jumpy stuff in them, you can go backwards and forwards and turn quite nicely.

  2. The other issue to factor in with figure skates, I was once told by a friend of mine who was attempting to get very serious about figure skating, is that new figure skates generally fit VERY tightly and are miserable to wear for the first little while….It seems to be about comparable to adapting to toes shoes for the first time, and just about as miserable for late starters…..
    I don’t know this first hand, but it’s what Caroline told me…still, seems silly to me…I think Laura’s suggestion that hockey skates might be a better avenue to try…

  3. Theno, I ordered the skates I’ve /got/ from does not carry *wide* men’s figure skates. They only come in medium widths.

    Laura, I can’t stand up in hockey skates, much less move in them. :)

    I’ve thought about it and I think I’m going to try wearing the ones I’ve got until the leather stretches. They’re just shy of *painfully* tight, and maybe they’ll adapt given some time.

  4. What brand of shoes did you get? Some brands seem to fit differently. Maybe you could find a boot that runs wider?

  5. Sounds like my dance shoes woes. There weren’t any wide mens’ shoes, I just had to try different brands till I found the one kind that fit. Which was made a little easier by the fact that most manufacturers didn’t make mens size 6; they told the small-footed men to wear ladies’ shoes.

    I could, um, get a pair of old Dutch skates – the sort you strap to regular boots – on a market and send them to you, but I expect they’re for speed skating.

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