*mutter* My Highlander season 1 DVD with The Lady and the Tiger is all mucked up. I suppose it’s a little irrational to go buy the entire first season all over again because one episode doesn’t play well, but it’s extremely likely that’s what I’m going to do anyway. Phooey. And I was so enjoying my Highlander Night.

3 thoughts on “*mutter*

  1. Did you try cleaning the dvd? Don’t know if it works the same as cds, but I had a cd I was going to throw away once until I stuck it under a running tap as a last ditch attempt to fix it. And it worked :)

  2. And Netflix recommends Windex for wonky DVDs…

    Incidentally, is that ep. title taken from the Frank Stockton story and have you read said story? (so to speak). :)

  3. Well, I tried cleaning it. I didn’t try Windex. But I lamely admit I’m looking for an excuse to re-buy season 1 anyway, because I’ve got the old version of season 1 and the new versions of seasons 2 & 3, and the packaging is different. If I buy a new season 1, it’ll all match… O.O

    I will, however, try Windex. :)

    I don’t know the story, MA.

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