net fu?

I’m calling on people’s net fu. I’m trying to find an actress who did a Levi’s commercial in 2003.

In this commercial, a tall sort of interesting but not exactly pretty Indian (American Indian)-looking chick has had her car stolen and she breaks into the chopshop where they’re going to tear it apart and steals it back. At the end of it she digs some kind of deely bob out from under the driver’s seat and puts it back on the dashboard.

Can anybody find who this woman is? Or a picture of her on the net?

3 thoughts on “net fu?

  1. So far I’ve found this, from an Amazon customer review for Split’s _Lush_:

    Track 8 from this CD “Undertow” is the background song for the new (2002) Levi’s Low Rider jeans ad entitled “Atlas Bakery” which features a brave young woman secretly entering a stolen car chop shop warehouse to reclaim her beloved late 60s something muscle car. Great song.

  2. Well, I can slightly one-up that, sort of. I watched the whole commercial at but it cost me $2 to be able to watch stuff there for 30 days. (Note to self: go watch funny commercials to get more for my $2.)

    But wait, there’s more! Check out
    which says:

    Is that Miki Berenyi doing the sneaking around and driving in the Levi’s commercial “Atlas Bakery?” I already knew that Lush did the music (the instant I heard it, in fact) but the actress’s face also looks familiar.

    Who is Miki, I asked myself? Well, she’s a (now former) guitarist for Lush, see above post. But is this her? Still looking.


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