I have NET. *Man*! *God*, this is so much better! My connection’s been getting slower and slower and slower over the last two weeks, and I’ve been able to do less and less and less work, but the cable guy came today and fixed up the stupid cables and now I have NET.

Also, my desk is now entirely clean, because I literally couldn’t log on to my work network at all today, and so I spent the entire day cleaning my desk so the cable guy could get to the modem.

Now my goal is to keep the desk clean for the next week. O.O

In the meantime, I give you the capitals of the Spanish-speaking countries of the world:

Madrid, Espana. La Habana, Cuba. Mexico, Mexico. Guatamala, Guatamala. Panama, Panama. (I like those 3. They’re easy.) La Paz, Bolivia. Lima, Peru. San Domingo, Republicana Dominicana. Tegucigalpa, Honduras (that one’s hard). Montevideo, Uruguay. Acension, Paraguay. Bogata, Columbia. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Caracas, Venezula. Managua, Nicaragua. San Jose, Costa Rica. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Espana, Trinidad y Tobago. San Salvador, El Salvador. Santiago, Chile. Quito, Ecuador. And Belmopan, Belice, although I think Belice’s official language is in fact English, but it’s in Central America and I have friends who live there so I memorized it anyway. :)

Oh, and Balboa discovered what he called the South Sea which happened to be the Pacific Ocean. I think it’s a little obnoxious of him to have ‘discovered’ it, what with, y’know, the Chinese and Japanese living on one side of it, and all the Native Americans living along the other side, but nevermind that. It’s for extra credit on the quiz, so I need to know. :)


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