no time like the present

My brain’s going “do this *Monday*,” but if I do it Monday I won’t be breaking any eating rules over the weekend, and the point is to not allow myself Far Too Many Sweets over the weekend in particular, so, The Rules:

1. 1 sugar-sweet dessert a day
2. no sugar desserts after 7pm
3. caveat to #2: exceptions are permitted when dining with family

7 thoughts on “no time like the present

  1. Those strike me as really good rules. They’re kind of like what I did when I was trying to lose weight. Just be sure not to count your husband in the “family” exemption. :)

  2. those are good rules. what’s BEST is if you can learn to love FRUIT sweets instead. :)
    i’m working on that, myself. as soon as i’m done eating up this ice cream, i’ll work on it some more….

  3. *giggle* My problem is I don’t *like* fruit very much. I like apples and oranges, and sometimes sand pears, but mostly I don’t *like* them very much.

    Ice cream, on the other hand… :)

  4. *Laugh* re Deirdre’s response.

    Yease, I like both the fruit and the ice cream sweets. Plus all other sweets – except pecan pie, bread puddings, and custards.

  5. what about bananas! you don’t care for bananas, catie? my gosh! insanity! i love bananas! :)

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