nooo braaaaain

Noooo braaaaaaaaaain.

I have uploaded about 75 Ben-and-Laura-wedding photos to their new album. I have probably as many again to go through, but my brain has turned to jello and I am full of hate and loathing for the photo editing process from doing too much of it, so all you bloodsuckers will just have to wait a while for the rest of the photos.

*staggers off to drool*


  1. mary anne

    Hey! I’m not a blood sucker! Wait, let me go check……Nope! Not a vampire (a vamp maybe, sometimes, but that’s different)…I’ve still got my reflection and had garlic in my dinner…


    Have I mentioned lately how cool you are?

  2. mary anne

    Well, then….
    You are so cool that…..
    butter wouldn’t melt
    ocean levels aren’t gonna rise
    the leaves change color when you walk by
    Arab countries invite you to visit in July to make things bearable
    your beverages are automatically chilled in your hand

    anyone got any other suggestions?

  3. Laura

    You’re so cool that…
    you promote glacial creep
    hydrogen condenses out of the air into a puddle at your feet
    atoms approach a resting state

    Dear sweet gods, I’m a geek.

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