not a success

My cake was not a success. I kind of liked it, but Ted didn’t like it at all, and I probably won’t eat another piece. Oh well. It wasn’t a good baking week, I guess. I made Mother-I-Forgot cookies on Friday or something, and the butter was frozen so they cooked too long and were dry (Ted said, “They’re too dry.” My gut response to this–proving I am indeed my mother’s daughter–was, “Fine, make them yourself from now on.” (Mom once made Dad a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. Dad said, “Too much peanutbutter, not enough jelly.” Mom didn’t make him another one for twenty years.) Ted, who may have remembered that story, also said, hastily, “They’re fine,” which was only semi-true, but it was nice of him.). I think maybe I won’t bake anything else for the rest of the week. It’d be good for us to eat apples instead, anyway. -.-

OTOH, the AKRWA site is coming along nicely.


  1. Laura

    I have those weeks. There are times when everything I try to cook, no matter how weird or experimental, comes out perfectly and other times when even tried and true recipes end up dry, soggy, burned, on fire, splattered all over the kitchen… Sometimes it’s better in those cases to just give it a rest and let the cooking gods’ wrath subside. :)

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