I did not go Into the Woods

Today I did not go Into the Woods, despite the great temptation to do so. I have to say, without having seen it, I cannot help but feel that it was a terrible mistake to split the role of the Wolf and Prince Charming between two actors, since part of the point is the metaness of Charming also being the Wolf. The tiny bit I’ve seen of Depp as the Wolf in the trailers does nothing to convince me that my feeling is a wrong one. Anyway, I’ll see it this week and have more informed opinions, but I wanted to put that out there as a preconceived notion.

What I *did* do today was write about 3100 words on MAGIC & MANNERS, which is more than I hoped to get done and which may be enough to get my feet wet as I get back into it. It’s rapidly approaching what I hope is the 2/3rds mark, and it’d be really nice to just chug on through this. I gotta say it’s a lot easier to write a book when you’re basically following somebody else’s plot, too, although it’ll deviate significantly toward the end… :)

My evening is wrapping up with the news that despite my deep and profound hopes to the contrary, Supernatural has been re-upped for an eleventh season. I’ll watch it, that’s fine, but god damn it, they better bring on my happy ending when they finally wrap.

ytd wordcount: 8600


  1. I saw it Saturday and loved it. Depp was the weak link, though not all that weak. The problem is simply that I’ve seen him in too many Tim Burton/Jack Sparrow roles and it just feels like more of the same. Which is a shame. But it’s a small role and he did a good job. I had no idea it was usually played by the Prince Charming actor.

    I’m really happy I didn’t know the story or the emotional arcs before seeing the movie. It unfolded so beautifully and passionately for me.

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